There are some occasions when a denture no longer fits properly, and yet the denture teeth are in good condition. In those situations, a Denturist may recommend a Rebase rather than a new denture. To do a Rebase, the Denturist will remove all the acrylic (the pink part of the denture that holds the denture teeth in place) and replace it with new acrylic by taking a new impression of the patient’s mouth. The denture teeth from the original denture are then set into the new acrylic base.

While a Rebase costs less than a new denture, it does requires that the patient go without their denture for 5-7 days while the Rebase is completed.

Once you’ve received your Rebase, you may experience sore spots or the bite may not feel quite like it should. In that case you will need to call your Denturist to come and make the proper adjustments at no extra cost. With each adjustment the denture may settle in more, sometimes requiring additional adjustments. These adjustments are a normal part of the progressive fitting process.

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