An Immediate Denture is a denture that is designed and made before your natural teeth are extracted. After extraction, it is generally recommended that you wait for 6-8 weeks before receiving your new dentures, this allows your gums to heal well. For some people for whom the 6-8 week wait is simply not possible, an Immediate Denture can offer an alternative.

Inserted on the same day as your teeth are extracted, Immediate Dentures are more expensive than a denture being made for someone who has had their teeth out for a while.

It’s important to understand that because the gums are not healed before the denture is inserted, the reduction in swelling during the healing process means that the gums will shrink inside the denture. In that case it is not uncommon for the Immediate Denture to require a ‘reline’ – perhaps more than one – depending on your gums and how they heal.

Relines are an extra cost if needed.

There are also some cases where relines simply cannot compensate for the gums’ shrinkage after the extraction. In that instance, a new denture may be necessary. While not every situation is like this, it’s nevertheless important to weigh out this possibility when deciding to go ahead with an Immediate Denture after an extraction. Each patient’s mouth is different and heals differently, especially depending on the number of teeth extracted and the deepness of the roots.

Immediate Dentures can be made as close to your natural appearance as possible, or they may be crafted to suit your preference. You will need to work together with your Denturist to make sure you get the look you are aiming for.

Once you’ve received your Immediate Denture, you may experience sore spots or the bite may not feel quite like it should. In that case you will need to call your Denturist to come and make the proper adjustments at no extra cost. With each adjustment the denture may settle in more, sometimes requiring additional adjustments. These adjustments are a normal part of the progressive fitting process.

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