Dentures, like natural teeth, must be kept clean and free from deposits to avoid permanent staining. A dirty denture looks unpleasant, causes bad breath and is very unhygienic. To keep your dentures clean, you must rinse them in warm (not hot) water, and rinse out your mouth after every meal. Toothpaste should never be used, as it can scratch your denture, making it rough and allowing food particles to stick to it, and plaque to build up. Denture cream, or even Sunlight dish detergent can be used to clean your dentures properly. Just apply a small amount to your denture brush and scrub the dentures clean. While cleaning your denture, it may be wise to place a small amount of water in the sink with the plug in to protect the denture in case it slips out of your hands.

Each night you should also use a denture cleanser. Denture cleansers are in powder, liquid, or tablet form and must be mixed with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Denture cleansers can be purchased at a pharmacy or grocery store. Before using a centure cleanser, however, it is very important that you brush off saliva and food debris. Once the denture is brushed clean, soak the denture for several hours. Soaking for a few minutes is not usually sufficient even though the denture may look clean. Several hours of immersion, such as with an overnight cleaning, are the desirable means of preventing or reducing stains. Only occasionally, soaking your dentures in undiluted vinegar may be useful in removing persistent stains and calculus. For really tough stains, call your Denturist and they will clean them as best as they can.

When not wearing your dentures, leave them soaking in water or cleaning solution in order to maintain their moisture.

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